Why We Prefer to Use WeChat When Communicating With Chinese Factories

May 6, 2024 | 0 comments

You may prefer email. But you can’t change the way an entire country operates.

China largely runs on WeChat.

When connecting with your factories, you will 100% get faster replies via WeChat.

You will also receive more photos, videos, and frequent updates—you guessed it—via WeChat.

Don’t drop email 

Email is still important for sending and receiving formal communication, like:

Purchase orders


Logging complaints

Sharing action plans

I Actually Don’t Really Like WeChat

I say all of this as someone who prefers email and finds WeChat clunky when compared to other chat apps. But there is no mistaking that the smoothest way to communicate with ANY Chinese business is over WeChat.

What has your experience been with WeChat? Are you a fan?

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