Transparent Pricing Packages

Honesty and Clarity

Unlike many in the industry, we openly share our pricing and factory contacts.


No factory commissions, no inflated prices, no conflicts of interest.

We're on Your Side

We’re your dedicated guide, securing competitive pricing and high quality.

From $950+

The Kickstart Package

Team up with us to kickstart your product’s successful journey from idea to market. 

Our Kickstart Package handles the exhaustive groundwork, leaving you free to focus on the rest of your business. 

What You Get: receive final shortlisted factory reports with specific quotes for your product from carefully vetted suppliers.

The listed rate is a base estimate for less complex products. Projects with higher complexity will have a higher overall cost. Rest assured, you’ll receive a detailed quote upfront, ensuring you know exactly what you’re paying. Our clients consistently see a high return on their investment.


Time Savings

We take care of the groundwork, freeing you to focus on your business.


Navigating sourcing complexity

Avoid pitfalls with our detailed research and vetting— we connect you with the best factories.


What You Get:

Shortlisted factory reports with specific quotes from carefully vetted suppliers.


Expert Support

Leverage our years of experience, local network, and product knowledge to save time and money at this crucial stage.

From $700+ 

The Insight Package

Following the Kickstart Package, the additional Insight Package takes your product into the sampling phase. This next step ensures your product moves smoothly, giving you the confidence to put in your future purchase order.

What You Get: Up to 4 sample iterations delivered to you to ensure a perfect pre-production sample. 

Included within this package, we’ll help coordinate all of the back and forth with factories to ensure your samples are made to specification and on schedule. If sampling from multiple factories, we also include consolidation through our China-based office, saving you time and shipping costs.

*Factory sample costs and delivery not included in package price.


Sampling, Done Right

Builds on the Kickstart Package, guiding you through the important sampling phase.


Detail-Oriented Supervision:

We work tirelessly to ensure sample specifications and standards are met.


What You Get:

Up to 4 sample iterations for a perfect pre-production sample.


Expert Insight

Benefit from our knowledge and experience, increasing your confidence before mass production.


From $800+

The Mastery Package

After the Insight package, take the last sourcing step to a successful launch with our Mastery Package. This step combines order placements, price negotiations, and shipping arrangements, providing the best value and comprehensive support to export your goods from China.

What You Get: We’ll negotiate the best terms and prices, communicate final packaging requirements, and help obtain freight forwarding quotes to get your products to their final destination.

The Mastery Package provides you with peace of mind and convenience. Feel confident that your project is expertly managed from inception to delivery.


All of your bases covered

Combines order placements, price negotiations, and shipping quotes.


the support you need

Offers comprehensive support and value for this final important step of your product’s journey to market.


What You Get:

The best terms and prices, communicated final packaging requirements and freight forwarding quotes. 


Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing your project is in expert hands, managed seamlessly from start to finish.

À La Carte Services:

China Product Pros is also pleased to provide professional sourcing services tailored to your distinct needs, beyond our predefined tiers. We understand that each business and product comes with its unique requirements. 

Whether you need comprehensive research, intricate sampling, skilled negotiations, or assistance with other aspects of your sourcing journey, our team of seasoned professionals is ready to offer our expertise at an hourly rate of $70 USD.


Tailored to You:

Beyond predefined tiers, we cater to your unique business and product requirements.

Expertise in Various Areas:

  • Comprehensive research
  • Intricate sampling
  • Skilled negotiations
  • Assistance with all sourcing aspects

Professional Team:

Our seasoned team is ready to help at an hourly rate of $70 USD.

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