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How We Can Help You 

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Find and Vet

Find trusted suppliers and get quality products. Our careful checks save you time and money, giving you confidence in your products.

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Be a Go Between

Easy connect with suppliers. We make working together simple, fast, and clear—breaking through language and culture mix-ups.

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Handle Negotiation

We go to bat for you, ensuring the best pricing and terms while not cutting any corners on quality.

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Audit & Inspect

Thorough checks to make sure quality matches your needs. Trust our detailed audits and inspections.

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Design Services

Product and graphic design, photography, and video. Bringing your ideas to life with style and impact.

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Smooth Logistics

Expert planning, freight forwarding, customs clearance, and on-time delivery.

Work done by China Product Pros in the past.

We Are Your Feet on the Ground in China

Save valuable time and money by leveraging our extensive network of trusted manufacturers in China. Our experienced team will handle every step of the sourcing process.

Access a network of trusted manufacturers in China

Benefit from negotiating the best terms

Tailored services to match your requirements

Balance between quality, cost, and fast delivery

We understand the unique requirements of:

Streamline your sourcing journey with China Product Pros. Benefit from our transparent approach, deep expertise, and personalized solutions tailored to your business. Discover a smarter way to source.

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Finding and Vetting

Discover trustworthy suppliers, ensuring consistent quality. Our vetting saves you time and money—offering full peace of mind in sourcing.

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Being a Go Between

Streamline communication, bridging gaps with suppliers. Our expertise ensures clear collaboration, saving time and miscommunications.

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Handling Negotiation

Unlock cost savings and better terms. Using our language ability, cultural understanding, and decades of experience, we’ll get you the best deal.

Why Choose China Product Pros?

Our mission is simple: to save you time and money while cutting through the complexity of product sourcing with unwavering transparency and support.

Our goal? It’s for your investment in our services to pay for itself through better pricing, consistent quality, faster speed to market, and time savings.









Our Core Four Service Areas:


Whether it’s choosing à la carte services or wanting us to represent your business permanently with suppliers in China, our experienced team will help find ways to save you money, time and lower your stress. Let us use our vast experience and connections to do the work for you!

Sourcing Factories

Helping you find, vet and negotiate with Chinese factories to get the best pricing and quality.


Representing your best interests during supplier audits, factory pre-shipment or in production inspections.


Assisting you with industrial and product design, and product packaging. Get a stunning look with compliant packaging.

Shipping Worldwide

Taking the fuss out of shipping—getting your private label or wholesale products on time and at the best cost.

Get Ready to Breathe a “Sourcing” Sigh of Relief!


From navigating Alibaba to handling the entire ordering process, she's a true business partner—professional, communicative...

Brian Richie – Labtuit

Tasked with a highly intricate project spanning 5 distinct factories, Xiaofeng’s adept communication skills played a pivotal role, keeping us informed and engaged throughout the process.

Dan Warner – On The Rox LLC

Her work has always been timely, thorough, and detailed. If there’s two words I could use to describe Xiaofeng and China Product Pros, they would be; dependable, and knowledgeable.

Savannah Jansma – Crio Bru

Working with the China Product Pros team gave me the confidence to pursue more direct relationships with overseas suppliers. They gave me the ability to get access to preferable pricing

Jesse Funk – DaVincis Room

Wow – there’s so much I can share. I’d say the main thing is “Peace of mind”. Seriously. Cause as ecommmerce sellers, we really have NO IDEA how much effort it takes and the blind spots that Private label sellers face.

Jonathan Chan – Arktec Decor

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