Want to Take a Guess at Who Hates Our Product Sourcing Agency the Most?

Jan 12, 2024 | 0 comments

No, not the guy we said no to for help importing “herbs” (true story).

It’s our new client’s *current* suppliers.

They hate us.

And it’s simple why.

Why These Suppliers Hate Us

We are coming in to negotiate better pricing, terms, and quality on their customer’s behalf.

And with few exceptions we always succeed.

For a number of reasons:

→ Their terms were lopsided in favour of the factory to begin with.

→ We know the bill of materials and what a fair price is.

→ We know what a good lead time should be.

→ We’re good at negotiating—we know the culture and language.

We Want a Fair Deal

Don’t get me wrong—we’re not looking to shortchange the supplier.

We love working with great factories in China.

But we do demand a fair deal for our clients.

When my team goes to work we have literally heard things like:

“Why did you have to get involved? We had a good thing going.”

Isn’t that just all kinds of wrong?

I hate seeing people or businesses getting taken advantage of.

It’s part of the reason Xiaofeng, the team, and I love what we do.

How about you? Who “hates” you or your business the most?

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