Navigating Alibaba Purchases and More: Top Tips from a Sourcing Expert on a Leading Podcast

May 8, 2024 | 0 comments

I had an amazing chat on Dmytro Nesmiianov’s podcast about how to better source products from China. 

We chatted about:

➤ How best to approach buying through Alibaba

➤ Why you should usually avoid working with trade companies

➤ How to avoid a quality hit when negotiating the price down

➤ How to set up a return policy with your factories

➤ How we avoid “leaking” too much about a unique design

➤ Why it’s important to continually revisit how we ship as brands

➤ How changing your shipping strategy can greatly improve cash flow

➤ Why you should get multiple shipment quotes 

I also liked Dmytro’s final question of three people I would recommend following in the Amazon space. My three are: Steve Simonson, Norman Farrar, and Brandon Young

They all have a track record of sharing generously and often. Give them a follow if you aren’t already!

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