From the UK to China How One Brand Slashed Production Costs by 61%

Jun 19, 2024 | 0 comments

Amazon fees are sky high. Here’s how we saved a client 61% on product cost

Enter the scene: a client who wanted to move his greeting card manufacturing from the UK to China. 

➤ The challenge? 

Finding a factory that could meet high-quality standards, FSC certification requirements, reasonable MOQs (minimum order quantities), and a competitive per unit cost.

➤ How we delivered:

After an extensive search through our large local network (not Alibaba—more on that in another post), we identified and vetted a strong factory with a background in producing and exporting certified greeting cards. 

➤ The result? 

– A 61% cost savings compared to the target price

– Meeting the client’s ideal MOQ 

– Compliance with required environmental standards

– A strong factory partner to grow with for years to come 

We were so pumped to be part of this client’s success as he scales his brand

How about you? Where have you been able to find cost savings in your supply chain? 

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