Xiaofeng Shares Our Top 5 Year of the Dragon Greetings You Can Use With Your Factories

Feb 8, 2024 | 0 comments

Here are some fun Chinese New Year “dragon” greetings to share with your factories.

Our very talented cofounder Xiao Feng Wu is here sharing a video pronunciation guide.

With it being the New Year of the Dragon, have fun with these dragon-themed sayings.

➡️ Here are two good things to know:

(1) How to Share Your Greeting

It’s simple, take 1-2 wishes and send them to your factory, friends or family.

Note that the below Romanised (Pinyin), in brackets next to the characters, is just to help as a pronunciation guide. You can send only the Chinese characters themselves in the message.

Up for an even bigger challenge? Try sending your factory a voice memo via Wechat with your well wishes.

Overall, it’s a great practice to check in with your factory partners over this very important holiday.

Share your appreciation for your business relationship and wish everyone the best for the coming year!

They will surely welcome the well wishes.

Along with the greeting, you can, of course, add in your own message relating to your business cooperation over X years and send some wishes for a prosperous business together as partners going forward.

(2) When Is Best to Share the Greeting?

The best timing is anytime this week, up until Friday, February 9, before the New Year officially rings itself in on the 10th. If you’re late, then sending a greeting after this date is certainly better than nothing! 

So take a minute and send a greeting today!

The Five Year of the Dragon Well Wishes Xiao Feng Uses

(1) 龙年大吉,龙运当头!(Lóng nián dàjí, lóng yùn dāngtóu!) – Great luck in the Year of the Dragon, with the dragon’s fortune leading the way!

(2) 龙腾虎跃,事业成功!(Lóng téng hǔ yuè, shìyè chénggōng!) – May you leap like dragons and tigers, achieving success in your endeavors!

(3) 龙马精神,身体健康!(Lóngmǎ jīngshén, shēntǐ jiànkāng!) – Wishing you the vitality of the dragon and horse, and good health!

(4) 龙凤呈祥,合家欢乐!(Lóng fèng chéng xiáng, hé jiā huānlè!) – May the dragon and phoenix bring auspiciousness, and happiness to the whole family!

(5) 龙年行大运,财源广进!(Lóng nián xíng dàyùn, cáiyuán guǎng jìn!) – May you have great fortune in the Year of the Dragon, and may wealth come abundantly!

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