Why “Boots on the Ground” in China is a Game-Changer for Amazon or Ecommerce Sellers

Dec 21, 2023 | 0 comments

Here’s a great example of why having “boots on the ground” in China can really help.

Recently, a client wanted to have samples shipped to him in the US.

Sounds easy, right?

But if you’ve been importing for any amount of time, you know there’s always surprises.

As the Western world slept, our China office was busy at work.

Our China Office Was Busy

➡️ We set up the DHL shipment.

But DHL was on strike.

So, time for plan B.

➡️ We set up a UPS shipment.

But it would take a week longer. For the same cost.

No bueno.

Plan C, anyone?

➡️ We set up a FedEx shipment.

It cost only $10 more and would be there within days.

Let’s go!

A Real Time Savings

Without our China-office, this same process would have taken 1-2 business days.

Having representation in China makes for a more nimble, informed supply chain.

Benefits of Having Someone on the Ground

This means:

➡️ Faster to market.

➡️ Faster to find and correct mistakes.

➡️ More effective supplier negotiations.

➡️ Easier access to emerging products and trends.

➡️ Easier adaptation to cultural nuances.

And my personal favourite is a toss-up between:

➡️ Certainty around understanding of specifications and requirements.


➡️ Getting the BEST restaurant recommendations when you’re in town.

Do you have “boots on the ground” in China? How has your experience been?

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