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I was very pleased with our collaboration with Xiao Feng Wu and the dedicated team at,

Working with them significantly contributed to the successful launch of our first product sourced from China, which is a beer glass gift set. Xiao Feng’s expertise and our shared commitment to excellence played a vital role in achieving positive outcomes.

From the start, Xiao Feng was good at capturing the vision we had for our new range of gifts. Her ability to transform our ideas into actionable steps was pivotal in bringing our vision to life. This collaborative approach notably enhanced the project’s outcomes, and Xiao Feng’s knowledge of Chinese language meant that we could avoid any miscommunications. Her knowledge of working with manufacturers, along with her team on the ground in China meant that we avoided some mistakes that we probably would have made had we gone it alone.

Her foresight in identifying potential challenges, such as the impact of Chinese holidays, demonstrated a proactive approach that kept the project on course. This effective communication extended beyond our team, ensuring a smooth interaction with the factory throughout the process. I was able to delegate the co-ordination with our factory and shipping agent fully to Xiao Feng, who regularly kept me updated.

An integral aspect of our collaboration was the meticulous attention given to project specifications before placing the first order. Xiao Feng was proactive in voicing ideas for improvement based on her own experience, which I valued greatly. When, occasionally, I decided on a different option, Xiao Feng took time to understand my point of view and ensured it was done the way we wanted it. This dedication to detail resulted in a product that not only met but exceeded customer expectations.

I would highly recommend working with – thank you guys once more for making my first product sourced from China a success. I look forward to working with you again!

Paul Hammond

China Product Pros has helped me do things I could never even think to do alone. I am developing my own custom product (something I’ve never done before). After basically walking in circles for over a year, I finally found Xiao Feng. She has helped me through the entire process. I would not be able to do this without her! She’s the best! Not only is she so smart and knowledgeable about the entire production process, she is so sweet and nice! She understands and appreciates my passion for my product and together we make an amazing team. I’m so happy and blessed to have met her. I talked to several people before her too and just didn’t feel the connection or the trust. You need to work with people you can trust in this industry! I am finally bringing my dreams to life and I wouldn’t be able to do it without China Product Pros <3 thank you so much!


As a New Private Label seller, I found JK & Xiaofeng on Linkdin and began building a business relationship with them. Since I first reached out to them, they have always been available for phone calls and emails, prompt in responding to all my “rookie” questions and truly a priceless mentor in establishing a seamless product sourcing supply chain. Truly a God Send for a new entrepreneur like myself.
Our business relationship has developed into a friendship over the last few months. They are handling my private label product launch as if it were their own, with extreme care and long term vision, making sure that my product is competitive in the market, the quality is second to none and that my sourcing is limitless.
I am truly grateful for their guidance and mentorship through this very new and exciting time in my life.
Thanks JK & Xiaofeng!

Elias Khelil

818 Solutions

We’ve been working with Xiaofeng and China Product Pros for over a year now, and have greatly enjoyed each project worked on. Her work has always been timely, thorough, and detailed. If there’s two words I could use to describe Xiaofeng and China Product Pros, they would be; dependable, and knowledgeable.

Savannah Jansma

Crio Bru

Wow – there’s so much I can share (and please help me here cause I feel you also can help me if you like). I’d say the main thing is “Peace of mind”. Seriously. Cause as ecommmerce sellers, we really have NO IDEA how much effort it takes and the blind spots that Private label sellers face. From false inspections, to poor communication, and uneven negotiations. I just wish I’d had you guys when I started my ecom journey… so that all I have to focus on is creating & designing great products and selling them. Cause Amazon is tough already. You guys are my missing upstream (sourcing) advantage.

Jonathan Chan

Arktec Decor

Our experience with Xiaofeng from China Product Pros was nothing short of remarkable. Tasked with a highly intricate project spanning 5 distinct factories, Xiaofeng’s adept communication skills played a pivotal role, keeping us informed and engaged throughout the process. The culmination of their efforts resulted in sourcing a product of unparalleled quality. Without hesitation, we wholeheartedly endorse Xiaofeng and China Product Pros for their exceptional commitment and the exceptional outcomes they deliver.

Dan Warner

On The Rox LLC

I’ve had my own custom products produced both in the US and overseas for the last 8 years, but when it came to sourcing overseas I was always working through a broker that would mark up all of my product costs in exchange for ease of access to suppliers. Working with the China Product Pros team gave me the confidence to pursue more direct relationships with overseas suppliers. They gave me the ability to get access to preferable pricing, while making sure that I was still maintaining a high level of quality in my finished products with their thorough inspection methods.

Jesse Funk

DaVincis Room

Working with Xiaofeng (China Product Pros) has been a dream come true. When my wife and I decided to start our business and source products from China, we had no idea where to start. I tried exploring sites like Alibaba on my own and had no experience with the ordering process. Xiaofeng has been a true business partner from day one. She has been extremely professional, communicative, transparent, knowledgeable and friendly. She has handled the entire ordering process for us with a company in China and has taken the lead as an extension of our business to make things smooth. I am so glad we made the decision to work with Xiaofeng and I recommend her to anyone else with sourcing needs in China.

Brian Richie


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