Here’s Why I Won’t Steal Your Product Idea: Knowing Who to Trust When Sourcing a New Product from China

Feb 13, 2024 | 0 comments

Here’s why I won’t steal your product idea.

As a product sourcing agency AND private label seller, we often get asked—or need to reassure—our new clients that we won’t steal their new idea.

And I get it.

But first, the answer is: “no, of course we won’t.”

More on that later.

I know firsthand how much research goes into finding a winning product.

I Get the Hopes and Dreams of a New Product

(1) Firstly, from an ethical standpoint, I would never dare to even consider launching a similar product to a client or friend’s.

My life is guided by a philosophy: I consider what the 80-year-old me, sitting in a rocking chair, would think of my current actions.

I want to be remembered for doing good for the world.

For uplifting others.

Not for making a quick buck at the expense of others.

Similarly, my wife and agency co-founder, Xiao Feng Wu, and our team operate on the same principles.

(2) Secondly, we go really deep in our private label brand’s product area. Not wide.

We sell kitchen storage products.

Given the vast size of the e-commerce space and the variety of products, it’s rare for a client to have a product similar to ours.

In fact, it has yet to happen.

But if it did, we would not accept the client to prevent any possible conflict of interest.

Why You Want to Use NDAs

Have anyone you’re working with sign an NDA before sharing your specific product information.

As a matter of principle, we abide by the terms of an NDA whether or not we sign one in any business dealings.

That said, our product sourcing agency engagement agreement includes sections for confidentiality and intellectual property—specifically touching on the importance of respecting and abiding by clients’ intellectual property.

You Know What Else is Important?

Knowing how to protect your idea when sourcing from factories.

I’ve written about “how to prevent factories from stealing your ideas” in this blog post

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